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Coaching has the power to change so many elements of our personal life, from work life balance, relationships, confidence, life changes, anger management and health and wellbeing.  Investing in yourself could be the best decision you could make.


Life Coaching

Life coaching helps individuals to identify, clarify and create a vision for what they want from their life.  It encourages self-discovery and growth; exploring values, beliefs and aspirations as well as the current reality.  Life coaching provides the opportunity to establish goals and create a plan to achieve them.  The coaching provides the support and accountability to attain them.


Attaining Clarity

One of the greatest gifts coaching can give is that of clarity.  Exploring your beliefs, purpose and values to ensure the life you are living is aligned to these.  Once you are clear about what you want decision making is easier.  You feel a sense of peace and calm confidence as you embark on the next stage of your journey.  For some, peace is found just by gaining this clarity and they find they had already arrived at their destination but had just not realised it.  For others gaining clarity about what they do and don’t want can be the key which unlocks deeper purpose and fulfilment.


Career Development

Career coaching can help you to plan your career path.  Developing your leadership skills, improving personal effectiveness and charting the course to that next promotion. 
If you are changing career coaching can help you to explore your skills and aspirations and plot a course to career success.  If you are unsure where you want to go, coaching can help you explore your values, strengths and passions to help find the perfect role for you.
Coaching can help you to develop your own personal brand and create a plan to promote it.  It can also provide help with interview preparation to ensure you present yourself in the best possible way.


Gaining Confidence

Lack of confidence stops many individuals from reaching their full potential.  Often based on self-limiting beliefs or an incorrect perception, once veil has been lifted, the individual finds new found confidence to achieve goals they once believed impossible.
Confidence coaching can also help in situations that most of us find intimidating at first.  These include public speaking, giving presentations and attending interviews.  Coaching can help you overcome the worst of your fears so you can perform to your best ability.


Work Life Balance

Trying to do it all can cause burnout and major health problems.  Achieving the perfect work life balance for you can be hard, but coaching can help.  Helping you explore what is important to you and review the many demands on you and your time.  Creating a more conscious plan to help you create balance.  Providing you with tools and techniques to help control those people and situations which upset your balance. 
Telling yourself that this is just a short-term problem that will solve itself is not the answer, you owe it to yourself and those around you to enjoy your life now.


Achieving Lifetime Goals

Do you envy those who attain their dreams whilst you are too busy living day to day?  Coaching can help you clarify and plan for those goals.  Helping you on the journey to achieving them.  Coaching started in the sporting world where all series athletes had coaches to help them gain their sporting goals.  Why not use coaching to help you achieve your goals and ambitions?


Life Changes

Adapting to the many changes and phases of life can be hard.  Change can be thrust upon us through things such as divorce, redundancy, bereavement, empty nests and health issues.  Research shows that there are many stages to the change process and coaching can help you through these.  Helping you explore and re-evaluate, to formulate your plan, and plot the course to achieving this.  Coaching can support you through the inevitable roadblocks and diversions, helping you to develop tools and techniques to come through the change process and get on with living your life.


Anger Management

In anger management coaching we work to increase your self-awareness.  Helping you identify your triggers and work on helping you to control your response.  Working together to provide a set of tools to help you gain control of your anger.  Offering you a safe and 100% confidential space to explore your issues and find solutions to cope when the anger starts to rise.  Helping you and those around you to enjoy a calmer life.

What to expect

Every coaching journey is different, and we can create the perfect coaching programme for you. For a typical personal coaching programme, we recommend a commitment of 6-8 sessions each of 1.5-2 hrs.  The programme will include telephone and e-mail support between sessions. 

The journey will fully explore your aspirations and the current situation.  We will work on the things that are holding you back such as lack of confidence and self-limiting beliefs.  Once you have set your goals; we will work so that you can create a plan and after each session you will leave with some short-term actions.  We will support you on your journey, helping when you hit roadblocks and dead ends and where necessary creating an alternative route.

During the coaching process you will find your own answers through thoughts stimulated by questions, exercises and activities.

All sessions are 100% confidential and we adhere to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

The first step is to contact us to arrange a FREE, no obligation chat to find out what coaching could do for you. 

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