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A company is all about its people and coaching can help to develop your team and drive performance. 

Coaching has many advantages for both the company and the coachee: increasing staff satisfaction levels and therefore aiding retention.  Developing individuals, helping to increase collaboration, building leadership skills, increasing resilience, health and wellbeing.  Thus ensuring your employees are performing at their optimum level.

In these rapidly changing times, a coaching programme can help to successfully implement a change programme into an organisation. 

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Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top and coaching can provide executives with a confidential, safe and valuable resource to explore their ideas and challenges.  Helping them work on their strategy and planning and then coaching them through the necessary changes and challenges to attain their goals.


Leadership Coaching

Developing your current and future leaders is essential to create a sustainable and profitable business.   
Coaching helps current and future leaders develop self-awareness, build their skills and increase their self-confidence. 
Exploring their values and beliefs and learning how to develop their own authentic leadership style.


Organisational change

They say change is the only constant and large organisational change programmes can be hard to land successfully.  Many key change initiatives have failed at the final hurdle due to lack of team engagement.  A coaching programme can help to equip the team with the skills to manage change within the organisation, helping stakeholders to understand, embrace the uncertainty, buy in and handle the many stages of change.

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Career Coaching

Large organisations can offer so much to their current and future employees with the many career opportunities they can provide.  This opportunity to attract the best of the next generation of employees is often missed or lost when the recruit feels there is no structure to develop.  A career coaching programme allows the space for the coachee to develop their plan, map the skills needed for their next step and create a strategy to attain them.

Working with Cate helped me work through what I had achieved, and how I could best use my knowledge and experience in future roles. Having had a few sessions, I am clearer on my ambitions and goals.

I highly recommend Cate

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Resilience Coaching

Resilience coaching helps to develop and sustain positive mindsets to optimise health and wellbeing.  Building psychological resources to handle change, increase both self-motivation and self-regulation and weather the storm.

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Empowerment Coaching

Often but not exclusively a female problem, many aspiring managers fall at the first fence due to lack of confidence and self-limiting beliefs.  Coaching can help them overcome these issues and enable them to truly flourish into the great manager they should be.  Providing the organisation with a valuable resource.

What to expect from Corporate Coaching

​The coachee will set the agenda for the coaching assignment, often in conjunction with their line manager or other stakeholder.  The coachee sets their own objectives during the session and works to create a set of concrete actions to work on between the coaching sessions.  The coach’s role is to support the coachee through the process, helping them explore issues as they arise.  The coach will also appropriately challenge the coachee to ensure they gain the most from the coaching assignment.  The coach will hold the coachee accountable for the agreed actions therefore helping to drive the required change.

During the coaching process the coachee works to find their own answers through thoughts stimulated by questions, exercises and activities.  The wider ​context of the organisation and systems within which the individual exists will be reflected in the coaching process.  This is essential in helping the individual achieve their goals in the real world outside the coaching relationship.

All sessions are 100% confidential and we adhere to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.  Confidentiality is a key element to coaching.  The coachee must completely trust that the coach will not disclose anything they discuss unless the coachee has chosen to do this themselves with a stakeholder.  If stakeholders are involved in the coaching process, the coachee is encouraged to set up regular meetings with stakeholder and the coachee to discuss progress.

Find out how coaching can help your organisation Attain its goals

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