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What our clients say about us

A selection of feedback received

Cate has successfully delivered various bespoke programmes meeting the needs of the company and more importantly the needs of the individual participants. She is particularly good on a 1-to-1 basis or in a small group setting and I have no hesitation in recommending Cate and Attain for any coaching/team development needs.

Peter Colligan - Human Resources Director

I found the coaching experience both rewarding and enjoyable on a professional and personal level.  Cate provided self reflection tools that helped me develop as a Director and I will continue to use to develop my own team.

Cate was easy to talk to and at the end of each session I felt that I had my own solutions to areas that had been on my mind for some time.

Tim Harrison - Branch Director

Cate has encouraged me to look at the various challenges that arise in life whether they be personal or professional from a different perspective that I’d not considered before, and then to use this different perspective to deal with them in a calmer, more effective way.

I no longer get as anxious when something unexpected happens at work or at home, feeling more in control to find a calmer, better solution.

Work colleagues and friends have commented how calmly and effectively I’ve dealt with situations that I’d normally not deal with well and get very stressed about.

Craig Hartlett - Managing Director

I would highly recommend trying Attain Coaching.  They are committed to maintaining high stands of coaching and service.  The sessions are a lot of fun. You feel more confident after every session.

Kris Edwards - Branch Manager

Cate is clearly very passionate about what she does and fills the sessions with content that challenges and engages everyone in the group.  I found the sessions very interesting and have already applied most of the content to either my work life or my personal life. 
Would highly recommend.

Nicola Peacock - Operational Support

Excellent programme, Cate is a great coach, would recommend to anyone!

Karen Sutton - Assistant Branch Manager

I am far more confident in my abilities in my professional life and can recognise when I have done a good job. Coaching with Cate has also really helped me to understand my colleagues and their ways of working, as well as ways of approaching them with difficult conversations.

Kay Phoenix - Operations Manager

Cate was very professional and ran these sessions very well. I would recommend Cate's coaching sessions to anyone looking to learn about coaching or looking for a refresher…

Mo Rashid - Regional Operations Director

Cate is a fantastic coach and lovely person. She is easy and enjoyable to talk to. She really listens and works to understand what you want to get out of the session, and has a huge bank of skills and resources to draw on. Cate has helped me achieve my goals. I now have more confidence, skills and a clearer idea of where my career is headed and how to get there. Thanks Cate!

Emma Dukoski - Customer & Colleague Experience Consultant

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