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Flourishing Females Programme

The Flourishing Females programme has been developed to help women to gain the self-confidence, skills and knowledge to rise to the top. The programme covers a range of topics to help women better understand themselves and those they work with to create the women leaders of the future.

The content is made up of core modules and optional topics and includes:

  • Purpose: values and beliefs, finding your why

  • Leadership: what is leadership? Leadership vs. management, authentic leadership

  • Your brain: how the brain work, neuroscience for leaders, meet your chimp

  • Personal effectiveness: time management, organisation tips, prioritisation

  • People: effective communication, assertiveness, managing conflict, transactional analysis, influencing others

  • Emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and

  • social skills

  • Brand you: develop your brand, your elevator pitch, brag bites and networking

  • Resilience: building your resilience, avoiding burnout, mindfulness

  • What is getting in your way? imposter syndrome, perfectionism

Flourishing Females is not a programme to put men down but rather a programme to help give the women the lift they need to rise up and meet them. Much of the content would be suitable for either gender and can be run for male cohorts as a talent development programme. The programme is run in single gender cohorts to enable the candidates to feel comfortable in sharing their personal journeys.

The programme includes coaching for delegates to help embed the learning and establishment of a support network from the candidates to help each other long after the programme has finished.

At the end of the programme the delegates will leave with a personal development plan, tools and techniques to help them on their journey.

Most cohorts go on to develop their own internal network which continues to provide support as the delegates navigate their day-to-day roles and advance within the organisation.

Support Group

What delegates say about the Programme

A selection of feedback from previous delegates

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Other support

Having real life experience of combining a career and womanhood our coaches can support women around a number of topics.

1:1 Leadership Coaching for Women

Leadership can be tricky for many women.  Finding your own authentic leadership style without being seen as having negative female characteristics can be a challenge.  

Our coaching supports the woman to find her own style, be assertive and build trust with her team.  Helping her to manage some of the personalities and prejudices  she may encounter along the way.

Young Consultant

Confidence Coaching for Women

One of the major factors stopping women achieving their true potential is their own lack of confidence and self-belief.  Many women suffer from imposter syndrome and fear that they will be found out at any moment.

Our coaching supports the woman to build her confidence by examining her unique strengths.  Drawing on her past successes in all areas of life and identifying areas for development.  

Building her own network, within her organisation and industry.  Helping her to develop her own personal brand and promote herself to those that matter.

Image by Miguel Bruna

Career Coaching for Women

Supporting women as they negotiate their career journey.  Career coaching helps the woman to find their ideal role and plan their career. 

Helping her to establish her strengths and work style.  Using a range of special exercises and tools to help create her own personal development plan.

Identifying areas for growth and establishing the support needed to achieve this.

Helping her explore factors outside he world of work and how these may impact her plans.  

Young Woman

Menopause Support

Menopause can be a very stressful and emotional time for any woman and trying to handle this and a career can be hard.

We support the woman on her own individual journey through this stage in her life.  Helping her to understand the changes taking place, establish what support is available and where to obtain it.

Help her to think through what this means to her as a woman and what the next chapter of her life could look like.

Senior Businesswoman

Work Life Balance

Women especially struggle with finding a good work life balance.  From the feelings of "Mum Gilt" when you drop them off in the morning or miss their recorder recital to the decisions about the reality of combining a career and a family.

It is not just the next generation that can cause the balance to tip, elderly parents and partners can also tip the delicate balance to tip and one of the spinning plates to fall.

Coaching explores the issues around balance and identifies areas where support may be required.  Helps the coachee to formulate a plan to create better balance and to look after herself as well as others.

Working from Home

Maternity Coaching

Supporting the woman before, during and after her period of maternity this coaching helps her to handle the many changes around this time.  

Topic often include:

  • Planning for her maternity period

  • Creating a career plan to accommodate parenthood

  • Adjusting to maternity leave

  • Planning her return to work

  • The realities of working mothers

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