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Team Coaching

A strong, effective and collaborative team can mean the difference between success and failure for any organisation.  Remote working has had an impact on many teams, especially ones with new team members or those going through or approaching a period of change. 

Team coaching can provide a deeper understanding of the team’s purpose and values. At the same time, it can help the team members to better understand themselves and each other and how they can most effectively work together and improve their collaboration and communication.

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A Bespoke Solution

Every team and organisation are different and the team coaching programme will start with a scoping meeting to discuss the team’s specific needs. This will be used to design a bespoke solution for the team. The example programme shown here is based on a typical programme. The work has been broken down into three phases, with each phase deepening the team’s understanding of themselves and each other, and their learning and engagement.

  • Phase 1: Discovery and launch

  • Phase 2: Team facilitation

  • Phase 3: Team coaching

Depending on the requirements of the team and the investment available some organisations start with the first phase and team facilitation. For some teams this is enough to help them work effectively as a team and better understand each other, their purpose and the best ways to work together. Organisations often decide to invest in the final team coaching element at a later stage after embedding the learnings from phases 1 and 2.​

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Creating a thinking environment

As managers and leaders we spend many hours in meetings.  The investment the organisation makes in devoting the time to these interactions is immense but do they provide the ROI they should?

Starting with a discovery session we explore how the team interact, what they need to achieve together, how this is best facilitated and what this should look like.

At the meeting itself we facilitate the creation of a thinking environment.  Exploring concepts such as psychological safety and trust. 

The power of creating a thinking environment for your exec or senior leadership team is phenomenal.  Once created it will allow all members of the team to fully participate in the leadership of the organisation.  Leveraging all of their knowledge, strengths and experience to drive performance.

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