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DISC Assessment Tools

Find out more about behavioural tendencies

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DISC Assessments

Cate is a DISC Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA) which enables her to use the suite of DISC reports to support her clients and their teams.

Style Insights® is TTI DISC assessment tool built around Marston’s four unique behavioural factors that explore the way we approach problems, people, pace and procedures in our daily lives.

The four DISC components (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) create a behavioural makeup unique to every individual.

Implementing the findings of TTI SI DISC assessments and reports will help you increase communication and ultimately result in a more engaged and collaborative team.

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What DISC can be used for

DISC can be used to:

  • Reveal behavioural preferences

  • Improve communication

  • Discover, develop and advance ideal talent

  • Reduce workplace conflicts

  • Improve understanding of each other within a team

  • Help in recruitment

  • Support sales teams in tailoring their selling style to potential prospects


DISC report types

A number of different reports are available including:

  • Management-staff

  • Executive

  • Sales

  • Team building

  • Relationship Insights™

  • Interviewing insights – general or sales

  • Working from home report

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DISC for teams

Using DISC profiles with teams is very powerful. 

Individual reports can be combined to create team behavioural reports and behavioural comparison reports.

Workshops can be run to explore DISC theory and the DISC types within the team.  Increasing understanding of the team members preferred styles and improving communication.  

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