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Make Your Dream A Reality

If you have a dream to sail your own metaphorical ship and start your own business, it can be a scary concept.  The journey is hard, and it is not for everybody but the majority of those who succeed say it was the best decision they have ever made.  Are you ready to launch or are you already on the journey?  Whatever stage you are at coaching can help.

Launching Your Dream


Should You Jump?

Deciding if you should take the plunge and launch your own business can be hard.  It is one of the biggest decisions in your life and there is often little support to help you make it.  Coaching can help you identify your values and bring more clarity to help you make the right decision for you and your family.  Giving up a well-paid job and risking it all is never an easy choice.  If now is not the time, coaching can explore your options and help you to create a roadmap to making the leap when the time is right.


On Your Marks

So, you are going to jump but have you explored your business model, strategy, market and financial plans?  Coaching can help you explore your ideas and create the plans you need to make your venture succeed.  Coaching you over the inevitable hurdles and helping get the business off the ground.


Time to Grow

You are on your way; everything is going well but where do you go from here?  Planning the tricky growth phase where so many falter is key.  Coaching can help you gather your thoughts, explore all possibilities and design your own plan for growth.


Stormy Waters

All business hit difficult times, and factors outside your control can push you off course.  Coaching can provide you with the space and reflection time to take stock and create a plan to plot your course to calmer waters.

What to expect

Coaching can help you find the answers you seek but the coach will not tell you what to do.  The fundamental basis of coaching is that the client is resourceful and has the skills to achieve his/her goal.  The coach’s role is to bring this out of them using skilful questioning, challenging and supporting the coachee on their journey.  The coach may bring in exercises and activities that they believe will help the client.

At Attain we bring our experience of the commercial world and businesses large and small to the coaching relationship.  This enables us to challenge the client and their plans appropriately and ensure they are based in the real world.  This experience also helps the coach understand the challenges which face the client during the many stages of their journey together.

Trust is a key element in building the coaching relationship.  All sessions are 100% confidential and we adhere to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

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